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Disposable Ink Tattoo Tubes

Shop owners and artists have to keep up to date on the medical side of the profession. Ink contamination is everyone’s nightmare. To protect customers, artists and shop owners have to make sure everything that touches skin meets basic medical standards. Here at New Age Tattoo Supply, we carry the disposable tube you need to keep your shop safe and sanitary. Everything comes sterilized, manufactured from medical grade material. Different styles are available as the tubes can come with different colors and grips. The low profile tip minimizes the distance from the needle to the skin which can help creating precise artworks. Our Inkflow Disposable Tubes, the grips are built to prevent slipping during long sessions helping protect the customer’s investment. Find the disposable tattoo tubes your tattoo artist prefer at the lowest prices.

Inkflow Disposable Tubes--Super Magnum Inkflow Disposable Tubes--Black Inkflow Disposable Tubes--Red
Super Magnum Inkflow Disposable Tubes,  1.25"
Inkflow Disposable Tubes --Black
Available in 1" and 1.25"
Inkflow Disposable Tubes --Red
Available in 1" and 1.25"
Blue Grip Clear Tip A Black Grip Clear Tip A Black Grip Black Tip A
Black Grip Clear Tip B Black Grip Black Tip B Black Grip Clear Tip C
Black Grip Black Tip C Disposable Tubes with Steel Tip C
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23M -- 1.25" Super Magnum Inkflow Disposable Tubes Super
BOX OF 20,6/5" 30mm Soft Silicone Grip, E.O. Gas Sterilized BOX OF 20 , 1" 25mm Hard Grip With Steel Tips , E.O. Gas Sterilized BOX OF 20PCS, 1"  25mm Soft Black Grips, E.O. Gas Sterilized
BOX OF 20PCS, 1"  25mm Soft Blue Grips, E.O. Gas Sterilized BOX OF 20PCS, 1"  25mm Soft Black Grips, E.O. Gas Sterilized

1" Disposable Tubes with Blue Grips D  (1"=25mm)
Sold by BOX OF 20PCS

We have:
Flat Tips (FT=Flat)
Diamond Tips (VT=Diamond)
Round Tips (RT=Round)
Features Included are:
  • Thinner Profile Tip ---Minizes the distance between the needle and the skin for more precise artwork.
  • Knurled tip design ---- Make sure the grips will not slip in tattooing.
  • Precision tip size ---- Create more precise artwork.

Made from medical grade rubber
Each tube is sterilized with a date stamped marking on the back.
They are all individually blister packed and sterilized for single use.