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Mini Tattoo Machines

Most tattoo artists use multiple machines to get the best designs on their canvases. New Age Tattoo Supply sells all types of tattoo machines to create the ultimate set including miniature tattoo machines. If you're anything like us, you want a set of durable, precision machines to help you create fine lines and the ultimate shading. Small tattoo machines are great to have in your shop because they are affordable, lightweight and provide for a variety of different tattoo types.

We carry several types of mini tattoo machines at affordable prices. These machines can be set to liner or shader, and they also have premium bass front and backing binding post with contact screw. They come in different colors ranging from black, gold and silver. These mini tattoo machines also provide 6 volts, 10 wrap tight coils and high quality metal construction.

New age tattoo supply provides different types of miniature tattoo machines to suit your style. You can create a custom set to complete all of your designs whether you are trying to do color, black and white, precision or detailed line drawings. If you have questions or want to order a specific mini tattoo machine, contact us for more information, and we'll get back to you right away.