·BELLECODE Permanent Makeup Needle Cartridges are manufactured with the highest quality control
in the industry
·Precise and super thin tips, consistant grouping, and flat soldering
·Cartridge tips are made from medical plastic
·Cartridges are sealed with Membrane
·BELLECODE cartridge has less tension than other needle cartridges on the market.
This allows the artist to achieve higher speeds with less voltage.
·Both Liner and Shader needles are perfectly placed bottow of the tips.
·Innovative needle stabilization, minimize the vibration of the needles.
·Color Caps - Easy to find the right cartridges.
·The cartridges made and assembled in the most hygienic condition
·100% sterilized by E.O. Gas. -- you can send some to Lab to verify at any time at any lot !
·Sold by box of 20PCS