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Professional Tattoo Machines For Sale

Tattoo Machines are the most important tool. New Age Tattoo Supply offer both Tranditional Coil Machines and Rotary Machines.
Our Johnny Irons Tattoo Machines are well treated, that was made by artists for artists.

Our Johnny Rotary Machines are used CNC technology, results Precision and Duribility.
Pre-installed with Premium Japaness Motor or Genuine Swiss Maxon Motor.

ELITE Pen Machines Rotary Machines
Johnny Rotary Tattoo Machine
Johnny Irons Machines Mini Machines
Mini Tattoo Machines

Coil Tattoo Machines

Coils can ease some of the tension on tattoo needles which can lengthen their life and lower possible skin irritation. The coil tattoo machines are the most used in tattoo parlors. It is easier to draw outlines with a coil machine, and its electric power also makes it much easier to get deep color in areas that are being shaded. They tend to be heavier than rotary tattoo machines and vibrate more.

Rotary Tattoo Machine

Rotary tattoo machine are much quieter than coil machines and are lighter. Using a rotary machine leaves a tattoo artist much less tired at the end of the day. Rotary tattoo machines are more versatile able to draw straight lines or do shading at the same time. This versatility makes a rotary machine a more valuable piece of equipment for the tattoo artist.