Tattoo Studio & Artist Supplies

Time to update your studio equipment or just starting out? You'll find all the studio supplies you need here. Our light boxes come in two different sizes, and provide a perfect light source for tracing your tattoo designs. Well-built and reliable, the light boxes come with the appropriate power connection for your area. With an easy touch on/off touch, hold the switch steadily for varying the brightness amount. Duel ruled edges make accurate measurements a breeze.

Lightweight yet durable, the Superior Thermal copier accepts A3 and A4 paper, has an adjustable darkness setting and operates in either photo or mirror mode.

Ultrasonic cleaners are a must for studios, and ours are available in two different colors.

Thermal paper, 4 piece 100 sheets to a box, can be used by transfer machines or by hand.

We offer different arm rests, there is one ideal for you or your operators, with expandable height capability, chrome-plated legs with rubber tips, and oversized arm rests in black.

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