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RT7 -1" Clear Tattoo Disposable Tubes Black Grip B -BOX OF 20 Premium Light Box A3, High Quality,Highly Recommend Cross Wing Foot Switch FS33--High Quality and High Recommend
Our Price: $5.90
Our Price: $59.00
Our Price: $9.90
BOX OF 20PCS, 1"  25mm Soft Black Grips, E.O. Gas Sterilized Tempered Glass, Touch Switch, A3 Size Cross Wing Foot Switch FS33,Silicone Cable, Highly Recommend !
Cast Irons Tattoo Machines JOHNNY IRONS tattoo machines, Pure Copper--Shader Premium Foot Switch FS35--High Quality and High Recommend
Our Price: $14.30
Our Price: $69.00
Our Price: $11.90
Cast iron construction (hand made),Can be used both Liner and Shader Pure Copper Frame, 12 Wraps --- Shader Premium Tattoo Foot Switch FS35 , Silicone Cable, Highly Recommend !
Rotary Tattoo Machines -- MR22-B, Taiwan Motor Premium Foot Switch FS22--High Quality and High Recommend FT7 -1" Soft Black Inkflow Disposable Tubes,BOX OF 20
Our Price: $29.00
Our Price: $4.90
Our Price: $7.20
Rotary Tattoo Machines---MR22-B---Taiwan Motor FT7 -1" Inkflow Disposable Tubes
Premium Rotary Tattoo Machines Premium Tattoo Foot Switch FS22 , Silicone Cable, Highly Recommend ! BOX OF 20, 1"  25mm Soft Silicone Grips-Black, E.O. Gas Sterilized
30mm Disposable Cartridge Grip - Red, Box of 10PCS 1" Knurled Silicone Grip Cover - Fit on 1"(25mm) Grips 25mm Aluminum Cartridge Grip - Black
Our Price: $5.80
Our Price: $3.00
Our Price: $12.00
30mm Disposable Cartridge Grip - Red 25mm Aluminum Cartridge Grip - Black
Tubes Individually Blister Packaged and sterilized by E.O. Gas. 1" Silicone Grip Cover, Fit on 1" (25mm) grips, 100% Autoclavable The Cartridge Grip do not fit on the hawk machines. Only Cheyenne grips fit Cheyenne Hawk machines.
RT5 - 1" Disposable Tube with Steel Tips C -BOX OF 20 8 Feet Right Angled RCA Silicone Clip Cord, 100% Soft Silicone ,5 Colors Johnny Rotary Tattoo Machines -- MRN10
Our Price: $13.90
Our Price: $5.50
Our Price: $21.90
Rotary Tattoo Machines -- MRN10
BOX OF 20 , 1" 25mm Hard Grip With Steel Tips , E.O. Gas Sterilized Right Angled RCA Silicone Clip Cord, 8 Feet Length, 5 Colors for Choice. Premium Rotary Tattoo Machines

Tattoo Shop Supplies

New Age Tattoo Supply carries a full supply of tattoo supplies, equipment, machines and medical supplies. Our mission is to be your main source for machines and supplies that will help keep you in business. We make it easy to buy all your tattoo shop supplies and machine needs at one spot.

Tattoo Equipment For Sale

We offer full line of professional tattoo equipment and supplies including tattoo machines, needles, kits, ink, disposable tubes, power supply, medical supplies, studio supplies and piercing supplies. The only thing we do not carry is the ink you need to run your tattoo shop. Our primary goal is to build long-term relationship with tattoo suppliers and tattoo artists based on the quality of our products at competitive price. We welcome any comments and suggestions from our valued customers. We will continue to improve our product and service. We service USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and all other destinations internationally. Our team is efficient and friendly; please contact us for free if you have any question.